Serviced apartments provide amenities, housekeeping, and other services for guests and the renal price mostly includes taxes and utilities. Their facilities are similar to those of traditional hotels, but they have more space, convenience, and privacy so you can enjoy your living when traveling.

There are private cooking facilities such as a kitchenette with dishwasher and washing machine, larger sleeping areas and access to gyms, restaurants and other hotel-like services. They are increasingly impacting on leisure travel since they are available as credible and cost-effective alternatives. You can have longer stays economically and save on dining out.

Benefits of serviced apartments in Sunshine coast


They offer self-contained accommodation. They are under 24 hours CCTV surveillance which is very critical in guaranteeing your security. The entrances are secure and often around the clock security staff.


This makes them attractive for both companies and private bookings. Flexibility regards the duration of stay in the apartment. For instance, renting a three-bedroom apartment will provide more space for a group or family. It gives freedom to the parents who may want to tiptoe around the room so as not to disturb their sleeping children. They usually have a sofa bed to accommodate any of your visitors at no extra charges.


They have fully equipped kitchens which give an option for self-catering which plays a critical role in attracting guests. This feature is also crucial to guests with special dietary requirements or families with young children when there are few healthy options on their children’s menu.

The own kitchens give guests options to make a choice especially when they want to eat alone at night. You can make coffee or tea without calling the room service. This allows you to stay in your room without necessarily rushing to the restaurants for meal serving.

Laundry facilities are available together with housekeeping services which ensure that your apartment is clean and stocked with towels, bed linen and kitchen linen.


Their rental prices are averagely low which attracts corporate clients. There are usually no restaurant bills and room service charges which results in notable savings.

The kitchen allows guests to pay supermarket prices for food instead of marked up restaurant prices. This allows for some savings on food.

Laundry services eliminate the need for external laundry services and the high costs associated with it. Telephone and internet costs also will also contribute to the final savings.


They offer a high degree of privacy. You can bypass the formalities and let yourself in and make yourself comfortable.

They usually include weekly maid service instead of daily clean. You will feel more comfortable when there are fewer intrusions in your apartment. However, they can make arrangements if you prefer regular maid service.


They are available at your budget to the luxurious ones with plush interiors and top quality furnishings. They offer high-quality bed linen, towels and toiletries, and a fully equipped kitchen. There are first class home entertainment facilities that offer sky TV and other entertainment packages.

Additional facilities and services

They have gyms and pools which may be part of your travel needs. Shopping services are available. Hence you can buy snacks and drinks if you want.

Serviced apartments in the Sunshine Coast have the above benefits and offers more freedom, space, choice, and flexibility.

If you are planning to book your Sunshine Coast holiday accommodation today, keep the above-mentioned things in mind.

Benefits Of Serviced apartments in Sunshine Coast

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