Buying an engagement ring for your girlfriend can be scary. You are never too sure of what you should be looking for. Perhaps you are wondering if she prefers your choice. Maybe she might love it and maybe she won’t. Whatever the case, just the fact that you are asking her hand in marriage is enough to make her feel on cloud nine. However, a tastefully chosen ring can play its own magic. The following are few tips on buying the perfect engagement ring for your wife to be.

How much are you willing to spend on the engagement ring?

There is no hard and fast rule upon how much should be spent on purchasing an engagement ring. It’s always better to know how much budget you have. Being short on budget doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get yourself a nice little ring. In fact you can get a decent ring which looks beautiful. Knowing your budget can help narrow down the choices you have to make. Plus you can get advice from the jeweller as well. There is also an option of buying lab created diamonds. These are budget friendly yet look just as lovely in an engagement ring setting.

Choosing the right style

One of the most difficult things while buying an engagement ring is choosing which style your girlfriend would prefer. In order to make the right choice think about your girlfriend’s usual style. You can get clues from the way she dresses. Does she like to keep things minimal? Does she prefer something eclectic? Her every day fashion sense would help you get an idea of what she would like. Maybe she’s into a more flamboyant look. Whatever the case once you know her taste a little, it would be easier for you to find the ring.

Which gemstones should you go for?

Usual engagement ring styles feature a diamond at its centre. Maybe your girlfriend would like something a little different or unique. Although ninety percent of the rings have a diamond as the preferred gemstone but sapphire is an option as well. Sapphires generally cost less than diamonds. So if you choose a Sapphire you can get a larger stone in your budget.

The four C’s

If you have your heart set on purchasing a diamond engagement ring you need to know all there is to the cut, colour, clarity and the carat of the diamond. These four qualities impact largely on the cost of a diamond ring.

  • The cut of the diamond adds much to its beauty. A well cut diamond reflects light in the best possible way.
  • The colour of the diamond is usually due to the presence of other elements inside it. The purest diamond is a shiny crystal clear stone.
  • Diamonds clarity depends upon how pure it actually is.
  • Finally the carat is the most apparent factor while choosing a diamond ring.

Make sure you get proper advice from jewellers at engagement rings in Sydney.

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

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