Photo booths are a fun and economical option for people who want to have a hit event on a budget. The rising costs of hiring a professional photographer is something which not everyone can afford. This is exactly where photo booth come in handy. You can get great quality pictures with as many copies as you want in a fraction of a price of hiring a photographer.

In order to make sure you event is an affair to remember you need to send your guests off with something memorable like a good photograph. A photograph not only captures a memory but lets you hold onto it forever. Whenever you flip through old photographs the image of you smiling and having fun is bound to fill your heart with warmth and happiness.

Photo booths also allow everyone to get their hands on some whacky gear and take fun photographs. In fact even the most serious and reserved people find themselves shedding their inhibitions while using different props etc.

When hiring a photo booth, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Different photo booths use different kinds of cameras. While some make use of DSLR others make use of web cams. Keep in mind the picture quality of each of these would differ and so would the cost of hiring. If you want great looking pictures which are as realistic as possible, go for a photo booth which offers a DSLR.
  • Also the print quality of the pictures depends upon the scanner which is used. While some can produce excellent looking copies in a matter of a few minutes, there are some which can do so within seconds.
  • You also need to check out the available space at the event. If it’s a small event with few people a small photo booth would do. However if you plan on inviting a larger number of people, make sure you have ample space for a bigger photo booth.
  • Also keep in mind the crop property provided by the photo booth. For larger groups choose vertical cropping because that is always a better option. For photographs of two or three people, horizontal cropping would do.
  • When hiring a photo booth in Melbourne, make sure you contact at least two or three rentals and check their prices. This would help you narrow down a hire which is well suited for your budget.
  • Photo booths can be of many types. There are simple photo booths and deluxe photo booths. The deluxe booths have more amenities like better looking props, a better camera with higher pixels and a better scanner for perfect images.

No matter what kind of photo booth you choose, make sure you hire from a reliable rental in Melbourne. Try visiting, and check out their packages. You need to invest in a booth which helps you get good pictures which you and your guests can cherish for a long time.


Photo Booth Rental Melbourne- Things to keep in mind when hiring a photo booth

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