Wedding Photography Types

One of the most critical elements of a wedding is the photography. Capturing every moment in the wedding is necessary as it will make the wedding relive forever. Before calling a wedding photographer, wedding photography style should be considered first. Photographers have their own style and specialisation, hence hiring the one to work on your wedding is best if you base it on their photography style.

Types vary, and below are to name a few:


For others, they call it reportage, this wedding photography will let the photographer move around, follow the groom and bride, the guests to take pictures without restrictions. This is a perfect choice for those who want to take genuine moments in their wedding. Wedding subjects are not aware that their photos are taken therefore revealing their real reactions and feelings.

Since the wedding photographer is roaming anywhere they want, people do not notice their presence hence, in the end, crazy photos are being produced.


This style has been used way back before the digital cameras were invented. The groom and bride together with their guests are adequately posed and carefully, thus leaving little room for creativity. This type of wedding photography is time specific.


The world now is being taken over by social networks, and that includes wedding photography. Hence common photography is not ideal at all. Photos that look very similar to the wedding photos usually seen in social networks will make it look lousy and boring. Artistic shots can break the traditional, old and usual wedding photos you see. The groom and bride can be as artistic as they want and shot the photos to anywhere they feel like it.


This type of wedding photography is almost like fashion photo shoots where all images are about making a statement. To create editorial wedding photographs, photographers together with the rest of his or staff use creativity to make a huge visual impact. Breathtaking photos are nothing but usual for this type of wedding photography style. Expect that wedding photographs are based more on the style of the photographer than the actual mood of the wedding.


Nothing beats classic. Almost the same as classic filming yet photographer is adding a bit of twist and individualized touch to make it look best even after decades. The photographer can blend classic with a modern touch to offer the groom and bride timeless, tasteful shots. Using black and white is still a winner for vintage and classic wedding photos.


Shots are taken from elevated positions and most of the time it gives the best images. This wedding photography style is best considered during the morning or evening when shadows appear longer. This is also best if the wedding venue is large with a respectable number of sceneries, like beach and garden weddings.


It is your wedding hence you have the liberty to choose whichever style you want. Mixing two, three or a little bit of everything is possible. Collaborating with your wedding photographer earlier before the actual wedding is a must so they can plan and pull off effectively the best way to mix all styles you want in one.

The wedding itself is very exciting, especially if you will share it with someone dear to you the most. Prepare everything ahead of time, including wedding photography to maximise the experience and moment.